Name Category Description
aspell app-text Free and Open Source spell checker designed to replace Ispell
chromium www-client Open-source version of Google Chrome web browser
darktable media-gfx A virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers
debhelper dev-util Collection of programs that can be used to automate common tasks in debian/rules
descent1-freedata games-action Free content for games-action/d1x-rebirth
descent2-freedata games-action Free content for games-action/d2x-rebirth
discord net-im All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers
draci-historie games-rpg Bert the little dragon searches for his father
drascula games-rpg Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back
dreamweb games-rpg Top-down adventure game set in a gritty futuristic/dystopian city
dvdisaster app-cdr Tool for creating error correction data (ecc) for optical media (DVD, CD, BD)
dxx-rebirth games-action Descent Rebirth - enhanced Descent 1 & 2 engine
elogv app-portage Curses based utility to parse the contents of elogs created by Portage
emutos games-emulation Single-user single-tasking operating system for 32-bit Atari computer emulators
firefox www-client Firefox Web Browser
firefox-bin www-client Firefox Web Browser
fortune-mod-all games-misc Meta package for all fortune-mod packages
ghostscript-gpl app-text Interpreter for the PostScript language and PDF
gnucash-docs app-doc Documentation package for GnuCash
google-chrome www-client The web browser from Google

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