Add support for media-libs/gd (to generate graphics on the fly)
Name Category Description
bioperl sci-biology Perl tools for bioinformatics - Core modules
cfengine net-misc An automated suite of programs for configuring and maintaining Unix-like computers
dataplot sci-mathematics Program for scientific visualization and statistical analyis
dokuwiki www-apps DokuWiki is a simple to use Wiki aimed at a small company's documentation needs.
geda sci-electronics GPL Electronic Design Automation (gEDA):gaf core package
glibc sys-libs GNU libc C library
gnuplot sci-visualization Command-line driven interactive plotting program
libgphoto2 media-libs Library that implements support for numerous digital cameras
libsixel media-libs A lightweight, fast implementation of DEC SIXEL graphics codec
m17n-lib dev-libs Multilingual Library for Unix/Linux
mldonkey net-p2p Multi-network P2P application written in Ocaml, with Gtk, web & telnet interface
motiontrack media-video A set of tools that detect motion between two images
PDL dev-perl Perl Data Language for scientific computing
php dev-lang The PHP language runtime engine
phpBB www-apps An open-source PHP-based bulletin board package
piwigo www-apps a photo gallery software for the web
plplot sci-libs Multi-language scientific plotting library
raster3d sci-chemistry Generation high quality raster images of proteins or other molecules
rspamd mail-filter Rapid spam filtering system
sarg net-analyzer Squid Analysis Report Generator

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