Name Category Description
bullet sci-physics Continuous Collision Detection and Physics Library
cabextract app-arch Extracts files from Microsoft cabinet archive files
Config-Grammar dev-perl A grammar-based, user-friendly config parser
fwknop net-firewall Single Packet Authorization and Port Knocking application
gmusicbrowser media-sound An open-source jukebox for large collections of mp3/ogg/flac files
gnome gnome-base Meta package for GNOME, merge this package to install
greenbone-security-assistant net-analyzer Greenbone Security Assistant
gvm net-analyzer Greenbone Vulnerability Management, previously named OpenVAS
gvmd net-analyzer Greenbone vulnerability manager, previously named openvas-manager
gvm-libs net-analyzer Greenbone vulnerability management libraries, previously named openvas-libraries
ikiwiki www-apps A wiki compiler
libavif media-libs Library for encoding and decoding .avif files
mate mate-base Meta ebuild for MATE, a traditional desktop environment
normaliz sci-mathematics Tool for computations in affine monoids and more
openvas-scanner net-analyzer Open Vulnerability Assessment Scanner
ospd net-analyzer Base class for scanner wrappers, communication protocol for GVM
pasang-emas games-board Traditional game of Brunei
psi net-im Qt XMPP client
psimedia net-im Psi/Psi+ plugin for voice/video calls
py-amqp dev-python Low-level AMQP client for Python (fork of amqplib)

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