Add support for GNU Emacs
Name Category Description
a2ps app-text Any to PostScript filter
acl2 sci-mathematics Industrial strength theorem prover, logic and programming language
alectryon sci-mathematics Toolkit for literate programming in Coq
anthy app-i18n Anthy -- free and secure Japanese input system
asymptote media-gfx A vector graphics language that provides a framework for technical drawing
autoconf sys-devel Used to create autoconfiguration files
bigloo dev-scheme Practical Scheme Compiler with many extensions
ccrypt app-crypt Encryption and decryption
cdargs app-misc Bookmarks and browser for the shell builtin cd command
cflow dev-util C function call hierarchy analyzer
c-intercal dev-lang C-INTERCAL - INTERCAL to binary (via C) compiler
cmake dev-util Cross platform Make
coccigrep dev-util A semantic grep for the C language
coccinelle dev-util Program matching and transformation engine
coq-serapi sci-mathematics Serialization library and protocol for interaction with the Coq proof assistant
cscope dev-util Interactively examine a C program
ctemplate dev-cpp A simple but powerful template language for C++
cubicle sci-mathematics Model checker for verifying properties of array-based systems
cython dev-python A Python to C compiler
desktop-file-utils dev-util Command line utilities to work with desktop menu entries

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