Enable subslot rebuilds on Distribution Kernel upgrades
Name Category Description
acpi_call sys-power A linux kernel module that enables calls to ACPI
dahdi net-misc Kernel modules for Digium compatible hardware (formerly known as Zaptel)
openafs net-fs The OpenAFS distributed file system
openvswitch net-misc Production quality, multilayer virtual switch
realtek-r8152 net-misc Out-of-tree driver for Realtek's 2.5 GbE USB NICs.
rtsp-conntrack net-firewall RTSP conntrack module for Netfilter
tpm-emulator app-crypt Emulator driver for tpm
v4l2loopback media-video v4l2 loopback device whose output is its own input
virtualbox-guest-additions app-emulation VirtualBox kernel modules and user-space tools for Gentoo guests
virtualbox-modules app-emulation Kernel Modules for Virtualbox
zfs sys-fs Userland utilities for ZFS Linux kernel module
zfs-kmod sys-fs Linux ZFS kernel module for sys-fs/zfs

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