Flag to enable or disable options for prebuilt (GRP) packages (eg. due to licensing issues)
Name Category Description
pkcs11-helper dev-libs PKCS#11 helper library
qtnetwork dev-qt Network abstraction library for the Qt5 framework
qtwebengine dev-qt Library for rendering dynamic web content in Qt5 C++ and QML applications
socat net-misc Multipurpose relay (SOcket CAT)
softhsm dev-libs A software PKCS#11 implementation
spectromatic sci-visualization Generates time-frequency analysis images from wav files
thunderbird mail-client Thunderbird Mail Client
ucspi-ssl sys-apps Command-line tools for building SSL client-server applications
wpa_supplicant net-wireless IEEE 802.1X/WPA supplicant for secure wireless transfers
xca app-crypt A GUI to OpenSSL, RSA public keys, certificates, signing requests etc

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