Calculate Utilities released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy almost 3 years ago

  • The behavior of the --with-bdeps option was replaced by the identical emerge option
  • The --with-bdeps option was added for cl-builder-update
  • No more excessive accuracy for size calculation in auto-partitioning mode
  • The minimum size for the BiosBoot partition was changed
  • Fixed disk partitioning for sizes not multiple of 4MiB
  • Fixed auto-partitioning for disks with logical sectors other than 512
  • Fixed user profile configuration for fastlogin
  • Added creation of the index-user file when creating a container
  • Fixed IP address definition on bridge
  • Added the Norwegian (nb_NO) locale
  • Added diff detection for plymouth themes
  • Enabled to specify 'original' as a resolution for backgrounds
  • Fixed the output of the list of packages to be updated (Bug #1113)


Thank you!