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Calculate Linux 9.9

Calculate Linux Desktop KDE

KDE workspace, applications menu and file browser dolphin. Graphic editor Gimp and document viewer Okular. and KDE disk burning tool k3b.

Calculate Linux 9.7

System menu of the bootable disk. Pressing F2-F5, you can choose language, keyboard layout, time zone, and the screen resolution. Menu language selection. Available by pressing the key F2.

Calculate Linux 9.6

Calculate Linux Desktop XFCE

IRC-client Xchat, dictionary StarDict, panel settings window manager and wicd - tuning network. and graphic editor Gimp. Shared files server CDS, browser Firefox, client messaging Pidgin. Bottom - the panel run application.

Calculate Linux 9.3

Calculate Linux Desktop KDE

Representation of desktops in a cube. Called when you press Ctrl + F11, or when moving the mouse cursor to the lower left corner of the screen. The new menu Lancelot and the lower panel with application icons that shows up when your mouse pointer reaches it. In the Dolphin a directory of FTP server is opened. LUMA displays available for viewing user LDAP server. Overview of running Window applications. Called when you press Ctrl + F9 (Ctrl + F10), or when moving the mouse cursor to the lower right corner of the screen.
Switch to the WebKit engine in the Konqueror browser.

Calculate Linux 9.0

Calculate Linux Desktop KDE

The appearance of the desktop office computer, introduced within the Calculate Directory Server. The appearance of applications using the library Gtk and VCL: Mozilla Firefox, OpenOffice and Stardict. Access to the network drive. In Windows, they will be available under the disk R:\. Icons of Windows applications are built into the menu. Access to files on the server is configured using the Access Control List.
1C enterprise running on a terminal server that you entered under the CDS environment. Users of Linux and Windows machines manages a calculate-server on the CDS server. Adobe Photoshop on a terminal server is running with the help of keyexec.
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