2.12.d keyexec


keyexec is designed to provide terminal client access to a remote Windows desktop. This tool works through rdesktop.

When activated, the program will send rdesktop the user password that was entered at login; the use of Windows applications under Linux will thus be of no difficulty to the user.

Passwords are stored by the keystore service provided by the Linux kernel. See more details here

keyexec needs that the pam_keystore module be enabled in PAM authetication, storing the user's password with the kernel keys.


keyexec rdesktop[0-9] <options>


Launching the desktop of a Windows server with IP

keyexec rdesktop4 "-p -" 

Launching the desktop of a Windows server on the fourth workspace; the account is in the "calculate" domain:

keyexec rdesktop4 "-d calculate -p -" 

Running Adobe Photoshop on a 1280x999 screen, with traffic optimization:

keyexec rdesktop "-s 'C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\photoshop.exe' -d calculate -5 -a 16 -g 1280x999 -p - -T 'Adobe Photoshop CS3' -S standard -zNDKE" 
Thank you!