Portage manuals

Portage (sys-apps/portage) is the package management and distribution system for Gentoo.

  • color.map - custom color settings for Portage
  • dispatch-conf - Sanely update configuration files after emerging new packages
  • ebuild (1) - a low level interface to the Portage system
  • ebuild (5) - the internal format, variables, and functions in an ebuild script
  • egencache - generate metadata cache for ebuild repositories
  • emaint - performs system health checks and maintenance
  • emerge - Command-line interface to the Portage system
  • env-update - updates environment settings automatically
  • etc-update - handle configuration file updates
  • make.conf - custom settings for Portage
  • portage - the heart of Gentoo
  • quickpkg - creates portage packages
  • repoman - Gentoo's program to enforce a minimal level of quality assurance in packages added to the portage tree
  • xpak - The XPAK Data Format used with Portage binary packages
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