Bug #829

CLDX 15 ISO /home/guest is owned by root:root

Added by Scott Bertilson about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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Attempt to ssh into the LiveDVD after setting a password will hang if X11 forwarding is requested because xauth waits when it cannot create a link to lock .Xauthority before modifying it.

Fixing ownership of /home/guest manually works around this.


Updated by Scott Bertilson about 6 years ago

OK. It turns out that this was because the graphical interface hadn't been coming up.
I had been having problems getting the graphical interface to come up and it appears that the permissions get adjusted when that happens because the permissions are good if I look after the GUI screen comes up.

Probably not a big deal, but would be handy if this were taken care of when /home/guest gets created initially.

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Thank you!