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config kernel for Docker

Added by Victor Guardiola almost 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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If I try to install docker (app-emulation/docker) I need the next kernel params

  • Checking for suitable kernel configuration options...
  • CONFIG_DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES: is not set when it should be.
  • CONFIG_CGROUP_DEVICE: is not set when it should be.
  • CONFIG_CGROUP_FREEZER: is not set when it should be.
  • CONFIG_MACVLAN: is not set when it should be.
  • CONFIG_VETH: is not set when it should be.
  • CONFIG_CGROUP_PERF: is optional for container statistics gathering
    Can you activate it in the next kernel version, pls?


Updated by Сергей Федотов almost 7 years ago

This system is about templates and automation. Just create needed templates like this and re-emerge calculate-sources:


# Calculate name=.config format=openrc

# Calculate append=skip merge(sys-kernel/calculate-sources)>=3.14

# Calculate append=skip merge()!=

# Calculate append=skip

# Calculate append=skip env=install cl_ver>=3.1.4&&ac_install_patch==on

# Calculate append=skip cl_name==calculate-core&&cl_ver>=3.1.1

Updated by Victor Guardiola almost 7 years ago

thanks I try it

Updated by Victor Guardiola over 6 years ago

Sorry, I try It, but don't work
I put the files here /var/calculate/templates/6_ac_install_patch:

└── sys-kernel
└── calculate-sources
└── 3.18
└── libvirt

I modify the file /var/lib/layman/calculate/profiles/templates/3.3/6_ac_install_patch/sys-kernel/calculate-sources/3.18/0_config-x86_64

And I rebuild the kernel with or without the USE param build:
$ USE="build" emerge -vaq sys-kernel/calculate-sources
$ emerge -vaq sys-kernel/calculate-sources

Some idea or is possible to add this options to default calculate kernel, now Docker is a very important tool.


Updated by Александр Графов over 6 years ago

I also followed instructions above for kernel 3.18 but got same error with updated kernel. And I think options for virtualization used by docker will be useful in the default kernel config for calculate.

Updated by Victor Guardiola over 6 years ago

Some news guys?

Also available in: Atom PDF

Thank you!