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Installer automated partitioning claims 7gb need for root partition

Added by Nix Nix about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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With a 8GB HDD of VirtualBox, selecting automated partition, and selecting 7000mb for root partition, the installer say that root partition need at least 7gb, so, i put 7100mb, but say again need 7gb.
If i have 8GB and want select 7100 for root partition and only select swap, i have /root and swap, the /home is into /, so, how is possible that need 8,4gb in total?.

In a Slackware or ArchLinux I can select 7000mb for / and 1000mb for swap, total, 8gb, but calculate need 8.4, why?. Automated partitioning need more than 1024MB for swap? (the vm has 2gb of ram).



Updated by Mikhail Hiretsky about 8 years ago

Try to set "7G". Swap for autopartition equal ram. You can use install.cl_autopartition_swap_size for custom swap size. Before run installation execute:

cl-core-variables --set install.cl_autopartition_swap_size=$(( 1024 ** 3 ))

Also available in: Atom PDF

Thank you!