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Risk of erase BIOS

Added by Lionel LM over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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When using "cl-install", the default partition table offered is GPT, even for a BIOS legacy laptop. If the user accepts this default choice, the PC-BIOS will be corrupted and the laptop will never start.
Could-you add a warning ?
Thanks a lot.


Updated by Mikhail Hiretsky over 2 years ago

Can you boot laptop by USB flash after PC-BIOS corrupting? Can you send dump created by cl-system-dump utility?

Updated by Lionel LM over 2 years ago

No, I can't boot the laptop now, either with a USB flash or with a CD-ROM.
Also, I can't have access to BIOS Setup Utility or dump of cl-system-dump utility.
It doesn't matter, it's in old laptop.
I just ask you if possible to add a warning for users when using GPT boot and auto-partionning.

Updated by Lionel LM over 2 years ago

I removed the hard drive and miracle, I managed to access the BIOS menu.
So I started on System Rescue CD and saw a partition called: BIOS_BOOT (or something like that).
I deleted it and then, I can re-boot my laptop with its hard drive.

After, I could not find dump, so I install CLS with "-p OFF --uefi none" options.
Now, CLS is working find !

Also available in: Atom PDF

Thank you!