Description:Create, destroy, resize, check, copy partitions and file systems
License: GPL-3
  • + - stable
  • ~ - unstable
  • M - hardmask
alpha amd64 arm hppa ia64 m68k mips ppc ppc64 s390 sh sparc x86
3.4 ~ + + ~ ~ - ~ + + ~ - + +

USE flags

  • debug - Enable debugging as encouraged by upstream: [The default configuration] includes --enable-debug (by default), which contains many assertions. Obviously, these "waste" space, but in the past, they have caught potentially dangerous bugs before they would have done damage, so we think it's worth it. Also, it means we get more bug reports ;)
  • device-mapper - Enable device-mapper support from sys-fs/lvm2 in parted
  • nls - Add Native Language Support (using gettext - GNU locale utilities)
  • readline - Enable support for libreadline, a GNU line-editing library that almost everyone wants
  • selinux - !!internal use only!! Security Enhanced Linux support, this must be set by the selinux profile or breakage will occur
  • static-libs - Build static versions of dynamic libraries as well
  • test - Enable dependencies and/or preparations necessary to run tests (usually controlled by FEATURES=test but can be toggled independently)
  • verify-sig - Verify upstream signatures on distfiles

Also available in: Atom

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