This license explanation was derived from the copyright notice distributed
with the Debian package maintained by Atsushi KAMOSHIDA .

Upstream Authors:

      LHarc 0.01-1.00:   Yooichi Tagawa (LHa code taken from here, 1988-1989)
          Nikkei-mix ID: y.tagawa (Now this is defunct BBS, Licensing term
          in manual page come from his licence for lharc)
          His new web page seems to be www2s.biglibe.ne.jp/~yex/
          yooedit2001@yahoo.co.jp is the contact e-mail address for another
          software.  Page updated at least July/2001

      LHa   0.01-1.00:   Masaru Oki     (LHa original author, 1991-1992)
          E-Mail address: oki@netbsd.org

      LHa   1.10-1.14:   Nobutaka Watazaki (Last official release? 1993-1995)
          ALICE-NET       ALS00595    Nasty
          E-Mail          JBD02514@niftyserve.or.jp
          E-Mail          femcs@mbox.kyoto-inet.or.jp
          NIFTY-Serve     JBD02514
          E-Mail address: watazaki@shimadzu.co.jp
          E-Mail address: watazaki@shimadzusd.co.jp

      Lha   1.14a-1.14e: Tsugio Okamoto  (1996-2000)


Original Source Code License Statement:

   /*    Copyright (C) MCMLXXXIX Yooichi.Tagawa                      */
   /*    Modified                Nobutaka Watazaki                   */
   /*                   Thanks to H.Yoshizaki. (MS-DOS LHarc)        */

Original Authors License Statement (from man/lha.man, in Japanese


       1.     著作権表示を削除しないこと。

       2.     配布内容については、

              a.     配布の際に存在する内容(すなわち ソー ス コー
                     ド、 ド キュメント、プログラマーへの手引きな
                     ど)が再配布されたものの中に必ず存在 す る こ
                     と。 改 変されているならば、それを明示したド

              b.     LHa に対する付加価値が付けられて再配布される

              c.     バイナリのみの配布は許されない。(付加価値 の

       3.     最新版の配布に務めること。(義務はない)

              注.    なお、ネットでの配付は自由であるが、ネットに
                     アクセスできない方(雑誌および、 CDROM な ど
                     に よる)配付は、配付前にこちらに EMail をお
                     EMail をお願いします。

       4.      このプログラムの存在や使用したことによって生じた損

       5.     作者は、このプログラムに不備があっても、それを訂 正

       6.      このプログラムの一部、または全部を他のプログラムに
              組み込んで利用してもかまわない。この場合、そのプ ロ
              グラムは LHa ではなく、 LHa と名乗ってはいけない。

       7.      商利用に関しては、上記の条件に加え、下記の条件のも

              a.     このプログラムをメインとする商利用は禁 止 す

              b.     商利用の相手がこのプログラムの使用者として不

              c.     インストールの手段として使用する場合、このプ

              d.     商利用を付加価値として行いこのプログラムを使

Original Authors License Statement (from man/lha.man, translated by
Osamu Aoki ):

   Permission is given for redistribution, copy, and modification provided
   following conditions are met.

   1. Do not remove copyright clause.

   2. Distribution shall conform:

      a. The content of redistribution (i.e., source code, documentation,
         and reference guide for programmers) shall include original contents.
         If contents are modified, the document clearly indicating
         the fact of modification must be included.
      b. If LHa is redistributed with added values, you must put your best
         effort to include them (Translator comment: If read literally,
         original Japanese was unclear what "them" means here.  But
         undoubtedly this "them" means source code for the added value
         portion and this is a typical Japanese sloppy writing style to
         abbreviate as such)  Also the document clearly indicating that
         added value was added must be included.
      c. Binary only distribution is not allowed (including added value

   3. You need to put effort to distribute the latest version (This is not
      your duty).

      NB: Distribution on Internet is free.  Please notify me by e-mail or
      other means prior to the distribution if distribution is done through
      non-Internet media (Magazine, CDROM etc.)  If not, make sure to Email
      me later.

   4. Any damage caused by the existence and use of this program will not
      be compensated.

   5. Author will not be responsible to correct errors even if program is

   6. This program, either as a part of this or as a whole of this, may be
      included into other programs.  In this case, that program is not LHa
      and can not call itself LHa.

   7. For commercial use, in addition to above conditions, following
      condition needs to be met.

      a.  The program whose content is mainly this program can not be used
      b.  If the recipient of commercial use deems inappropriate as a
          program user, you must not distribute.
      c.  If used as a method for the installation, you must not force
          others to use this program.  In this case, commercial user will
          perform its work while taking full responsibility of its outcome.
      d.  If added value is done under the commercial use by using this
          program, commercial user shall provide its support.

(Osamu Aoki also comments:
   Here "commercial" may be interpreted as "for-fee".  "Added value" seems
   to mean "feature enhancement".  )

License Statement by Tsugio Okamoto (in Japanese EUC-JP):

   CD-ROM などによる)への配付は、配付前にこちらに Inter-Net の方にE-Mail
   を お願いします。 
   また、それも出来ない際には、後日 E-Mail を必ずお願いします。

Translated License Statement by Tsugio Okamoto (translated by
GOTO Masanori ):

   It's free to distribute on the network, but if you distribute for
   the people who cannot access the network (by magazine or CD-ROM),
   please send E-Mail (Inter-Net address) to the author before the
   distribution. That's well where this software is appeard.
   If you cannot do, you must send me the E-Mail later.


Thank you!