BUILD SOURCE CODE LICENSE TERMS:                             06/20/2000

[1] I give you permission to make modifications to my Build source and
       distribute it, BUT:

[2] Any derivative works based on my Build source may be distributed ONLY
       through the INTERNET.

[3] Distribution of any derivative works MUST be done completely FREE of
       charge - no commercial exploitation whatsoever.

[4] Anything you distribute which uses a part of my Build Engine source
       code MUST include:

   [A] The following message somewhere in the archive:

       // "Build Engine & Tools" Copyright (c) 1993-1997 Ken Silverman
       // Ken Silverman's official web site: ""
       // See the included license file "BUILDLIC.TXT" for license info.

   [B] This text file "BUILDLIC.TXT" along with it.

   [C] Any source files that you modify must include this message as well:

       // This file has been modified from Ken Silverman's original release

[5] The use of the Build Engine for commercial purposes will require an
       appropriate license arrangement with me. Contact information is
       on my web site.

[6] I take no responsibility for damage to your system.

[7] Technical support: Before contacting me with questions, please read
       and do ALL of the following!

   [A] Look through ALL of my text files. There are 7 of them (including this
          one). I like to think that I wrote them for a reason. You will find
          many of your answers in the history section of BUILD.TXT and
          BUILD2.TXT (they're located inside SRC.ZIP).

   [B] If that doesn't satisfy you, then try going to:


          where I will maintain a Build Source Code FAQ (or perhaps I might
          just provide a link to a good FAQ).

   [C] I am willing to respond to questions, but ONLY if they come at a rate
          that I can handle.


          As my line of defense, I will post my current policy about
          answering Build source questions (right below the E-mail address
          on my web site.) You can check there to see if I'm getting
          overloaded with questions or not.

          If I'm too busy, it might say something like this:

               I'm too busy to answer Build source questions right now.
               Sorry, but don't expect a reply from me any time soon.

          If I'm open for Build source questions, please state your question
             clearly and don't include any unsolicited attachments unless
             they're really small (like less than 50k). Assume that I have
             a 28.8k modem. Also, don't leave out important details just
             to make your question appear shorter - making me guess what
             you're asking doesn't save me time!

-Ken S. (official web site:

Thank you!