Add support for extended attributes (filesystem-stored metadata)
Name Category Description
portage sys-apps Portage is the package management and distribution system for Gentoo
qemu app-emulation QEMU + Kernel-based Virtual Machine userland tools
rdiff-backup app-backup Local/remote mirroring+incremental backup
rdumpfs app-backup a rsync-based dump file system backup tool
recoll app-misc Personal full text search package
rpm app-arch Red Hat Package Management Utils
rsync net-misc File transfer program to keep remote files into sync
shadow sys-apps Utilities to deal with user accounts
shigofumi net-misc Command line client for ISDS
snapper app-backup Command-line program for btrfs and lvm snapshot management
squashfs-tools sys-fs tools to create and extract Squashfs filesystems
squashfs-tools sys-fs Tool for creating compressed filesystem type squashfs
systemd sys-apps System and service manager for Linux
tar app-arch Use this to make tarballs :)
tarsnap app-backup Online backups for the truly paranoid
wget2 net-misc GNU Wget2 is a file and recursive website downloader

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