Add support for installing web-based applications into a virtual-hosting environment
Name Category Description
agendav www-apps multilanguage CalDAV web client
Apache-Gallery www-apps Apache gallery for mod_perl
awstats www-misc AWStats is short for Advanced Web Statistics
backuppc app-backup High-performance backups to a server's disk
baikal www-apps Lightweight CalDAV+CardDAV server
brython dev-python A Python 3 implementation for client-side web programming
bugzilla www-apps Bugzilla is the Bug-Tracking System from the Mozilla project
cacti net-analyzer Cacti is a complete frontend to rrdtool
cgiirc net-irc A perl/CGI program to use IRC from a web browser
cgit www-apps a fast web-interface for git repositories
cgp www-apps A graphical web-based front-end for visualizing RRD collected by collectd
cvsweb www-apps WWW interface to a CVS tree
davical www-apps A CalDAV and CardDAV Server
django dev-python High-level Python web framework
dokuwiki www-apps DokuWiki is a simple to use Wiki aimed at a small company's documentation needs.
dotproject www-apps dotProject is a PHP web-based project management framework
drupal www-apps PHP-based open-source platform and content management system
ganglia sys-cluster A scalable distributed monitoring system for clusters and grids
ganglia-web sys-cluster Web frontend for sys-cluster/ganglia
GBrowse sci-biology Generic Model Organism Database Project - The Generic Genome Browser

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