Zip the sources and install them
Name Category Description
absolutelayout dev-java AbsoluteLayout files extracted from Netbeans
airline dev-java Java annotation-based framework for parsing Git like command line structures
animal-sniffer-annotations dev-java Java annotations for marking methods that Animal Sniffer should ignore
annogen dev-java A tool which helps you work with JSR175 annotations
ant-contrib dev-java A collection of tasks for Apache Ant
ant-core dev-java Java-based build tool similar to 'make' that uses XML configuration files
ant-eclipse-ecj dev-java Ant Compiler Adapter for Eclipse Java Compiler
ant-ivy dev-java Ivy is a free java based dependency manager
antlr dev-java A parser generator for many languages
aopalliance dev-java Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) Alliance classes
apgdiff dev-db A simple PostgreSQL diff tool that is useful for schema upgrades
appframework dev-java Set of Java classes to build desktop applications easily
apt-mirror dev-java Annotation processing apt mirror API introduced in J2SE 5.0
asm dev-java Bytecode manipulation framework for Java
aspectj dev-java A seamless aspect-oriented extension to the Java programming language
assertj-core dev-java Java library that provides a fluent interface for writing assertions
avalon-framework dev-java Avalon Framework
avalon-logkit dev-java Easy-to-use Java logging toolkit
avp games-fps Linux port of Aliens vs Predator
awl dev-php Andrew McMillan's Web Libraries

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