!!internal use only!! Security Enhanced Linux support, this must be set by the selinux profile or breakage will occur
Name Category Description
util-linux sys-apps Various useful Linux utilities
uwsgi www-servers uWSGI server for Python web applications
vde net-misc Virtual distributed ethernet emulator for emulators like qemu, bochs, and uml
vdr-mp3ng media-plugins VDR Plugin: play mp3 and ogg on VDR
vim app-editors Vim, an improved vi-style text editor
vis app-editors modern, legacy free, simple yet efficient vim-like editor
vnstat net-analyzer Console-based network traffic monitor that keeps statistics of network usage
vpnc net-vpn Free client for Cisco VPN routing software
vsftpd net-ftp Very Secure FTP Daemon
wdm x11-misc WINGs Display Manager
weechat net-irc Portable and multi-interface IRC client
wine-staging app-emulation Free implementation of Windows(tm) on Unix, with Wine-Staging patchset
wine-vanilla app-emulation Free implementation of Windows(tm) on Unix, without external patchsets
wireguard-tools net-vpn Required tools for WireGuard, such as wg(8) and wg-quick(8)
wireshark net-analyzer A network protocol analyzer formerly known as ethereal
wpa_supplicant net-wireless IEEE 802.1X/WPA supplicant for secure wireless transfers
xen-tools app-emulation Xen tools including QEMU and xl
xinetd sys-apps powerful replacement for inetd
xorg-server x11-base X.Org X servers
xscreensaver x11-misc modular screen saver and locker for the X Window System

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