Build with MRI Ruby 2.5.x
Name Category Description
unindent dev-ruby Ruby method to unindent strings
uuidtools dev-ruby Simple library to generate UUIDs
uwsgi www-servers uWSGI server for Python web applications
vagrant app-emulation A tool for building and distributing development environments
vagrant_cloud dev-ruby Vagrant Cloud API Library
vcard dev-ruby Ruby vcard support extracted from Vpim
vcr dev-ruby Records your test suite's HTTP interactions and replay them during test runs
virtus dev-ruby Attributes on Steroids for Plain Old Ruby Objects
vlad dev-ruby Pragmatic application deployment automation, without mercy
warden dev-ruby General Rack Authentication Framework
web-console dev-ruby A debugging tool for your Ruby on Rails applications
webgen app-text A template-based static website generator
webmock dev-ruby Allows stubbing HTTP requests and setting expectations on HTTP requests
webrobots dev-ruby A library to help write robots.txt compliant web robots
websocket dev-ruby Universal Ruby library to handle WebSocket protocol
websocket-driver dev-ruby A complete implementation of the WebSocket protocols
websocket-extensions dev-ruby Generic extension manager for WebSocket connections
whole_history_rating dev-ruby A pure ruby implementation of Remi Coulom's Whole-History Rating algorithm
will_paginate dev-ruby Most awesome pagination solution for Ruby
windows_error dev-ruby reference for standard Windows API Error Codes

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