Generate and install C++ messages.
Name Category Description
trajectory_msgs dev-ros Messages for defining robot trajectories
turtle_actionlib dev-ros Demonstrates how to write an action server and client with the turtlesim
turtlesim dev-ros Tool made for teaching ROS and ROS packages
urg_node dev-ros ROS wrapper for the Hokuyo urg_c library
uuid_msgs dev-ros ROS messages for universally unique identifiers
visp_camera_calibration dev-ros Calibration of cameras using a customizable pattern and ViSP library
visp_hand2eye_calibration dev-ros Estimates the camera position with respect to its effector using the ViSP library
visp_tracker dev-ros Wraps the ViSP moving edge tracker provided by the ViSP visual servoing library into a ROS package
visualization_msgs dev-ros Messages used by higher level packages that deal in visualization-specific data.

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