Build with Python 3.9
Name Category Description
xapps x11-libs Cross-desktop libraries and common resources
xarray dev-python N-D labeled arrays and datasets in Python
xcb-proto x11-base X C-language Bindings protocol headers
xcffib dev-python A drop in replacement for xpyb, an XCB python binding
xdoctest dev-python A rewrite of Python's builtin doctest module but without all the weirdness
xdot media-gfx Interactive viewer for Graphviz dot files
xflux-gui x11-misc A GUI for f.lux
xkcdpass app-admin Password generator inspired by XKCD 936
xlrd dev-python Library to extract data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
xlsx2csv app-text Convert MS Office xlsx files to CSV
xlsxwriter dev-python Python module for creating Excel XLSX files
xlwt dev-python Python library to create spreadsheet files compatible with Excel
xmldiff app-text A tool that figures out the differences between two similar XML files
xmlschema dev-python An XML Schema validator and decoder
xmltodict dev-python Makes working with XML feel like you are working with JSON
xpra x11-wm X Persistent Remote Apps (xpra) and Partitioning WM (parti) based on wimpiggy
xvfbwrapper dev-python Python wrapper for running a display inside X virtual framebuffer
xxhash dev-python Python binding for the xxHash library
yamlpath dev-python Command-line processors for YAML/JSON/Compatible data.
yap dev-lang YAP is a high-performance Prolog compiler

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