Add support for software performance analysis (will likely vary from ebuild to ebuild)
Name Category Description
base-compat dev-haskell A compatibility layer for base
base-compat-batteries dev-haskell base-compat with extra batteries
basement dev-haskell Foundation scrap box of array & string
base-noprelude dev-haskell "base" package sans "Prelude" module
base-orphans dev-haskell Backwards-compatible orphan instances for base
base-prelude dev-haskell The most complete prelude formed solely from the "base" package
base-unicode-symbols dev-haskell Unicode alternatives for common functions and operators
basic-prelude dev-haskell An enhanced core prelude; a common foundation for alternate preludes
bencode dev-haskell Parser and printer for bencoded data
bifunctors dev-haskell Haskell98 bifunctors package
binary dev-haskell Binary serialisation for Haskell values using lazy ByteStrings
binary-instances dev-haskell Orphan instances for binary
binary-orphans dev-haskell Orphan instances for binary
binary-tagged dev-haskell Tagged binary serialisation
biocore dev-haskell A bioinformatics library
biofasta dev-haskell Library for reading fasta sequence files
biosff dev-haskell Library and executables for working with SFF files
bitarray dev-haskell Mutable and immutable bit arrays
bits-atomic dev-haskell Atomic bit operations on memory locations for low-level synchronization
bitwise dev-haskell fast multi-dimensional unboxed bit packed Bool arrays

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