Build against PHP 5.5
Name Category Description
geos sci-libs Geometry engine library for Geographic Information Systems
igbinary dev-php A fast drop-in replacement for the standard PHP serialize
libvirt-php dev-php PHP bindings for libvirt
magickwand dev-php A native PHP-extension to the ImageMagick MagickWand API
mapserver sci-geosciences Development environment for building spatially enabled webapps
ossp-uuid dev-libs An ISO-C:1999 API with CLI for generating DCE, ISO/IEC and RFC compliant UUID
pecl-amqp dev-php PHP Bindings for AMQP 0-9-1 compatible brokers
pecl-apcu dev-php Stripped down version of APC supporting only user cache
pecl-bbcode dev-php A quick and efficient BBCode Parsing Library
pecl-cairo dev-php Cairo bindings for PHP
pecl-crack dev-php PHP interface to the cracklib libraries
pecl-dbx dev-php The dbx module is a database abstraction layer
pecl-dio dev-php Direct I/O functions for PHP
pecl-eio dev-php PHP wrapper for libeio library
pecl-event dev-php PHP wrapper for libevent2
pecl-geoip dev-php PHP extension to map IP address to geographic places
pecl-gnupg dev-php PHP wrapper around the gpgme library
pecl-haru dev-php An interface to libharu, a PDF generator
pecl-htscanner dev-php Enables .htaccess options for php-scripts running as cgi
pecl-http dev-php Extended HTTP Support for PHP

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