Use dev-lang/orc for just-in-time optimization of array operations
Name Category Description
compiler-rt-sanitizers sys-libs Compiler runtime libraries for clang (sanitizers & xray)
gst-plugins-a52dec media-plugins ATSC A/52 audio decoder plugin for GStreamer
gst-plugins-aom media-plugins Alliance for Open Media AV1 plugin for GStreamer
gst-plugins-bad media-libs Less plugins for GStreamer
gst-plugins-base media-libs Basepack of plugins for gstreamer
gst-plugins-dts media-plugins DTS audio decoder plugin for Gstreamer
gst-plugins-good media-libs Basepack of plugins for GStreamer
gst-plugins-libav media-plugins FFmpeg based gstreamer plugin
gst-plugins-ugly media-libs Basepack of plugins for gstreamer
gstreamer media-libs Open source multimedia framework
pulseaudio media-sound A networked sound server with an advanced plugin system
volk sci-libs vector optimized library of kernels

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