Name Category Description
gmic media-gfx GREYC's Magic Image Converter
libgeodecomp sci-libs An auto-parallelizing library to speed up computer simulations
mlt media-libs Open source multimedia framework for television broadcasting
mupen64plus-core games-emulation A fork of Mupen64 Nintendo 64 emulator, core library
nomacs media-gfx Qt-based image viewer
openimageio media-libs A library for reading and writing images
qimgv media-gfx A cross-platform image viewer with webm support, written in qt5
shotwell media-gfx Open source photo manager for GNOME
simon app-accessibility Open-source speech recognition program for replacing mouse and keyboard
ViSP sci-libs Visual Servoing Platform: visual tracking and visual servoing library
yafaray media-gfx A free open-source montecarlo raytracing engine

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