Chinese locale for Peoples Republic of China
Name Category Description
google-chrome-beta www-client The web browser from Google
google-chrome-unstable www-client The web browser from Google
gummi app-editors Simple LaTeX editor for GTK+ users
herrie media-sound Herrie is a command line music player
hugin media-gfx GUI for the creation & processing of panoramic images
icaclient net-misc ICA Client for Citrix Presentation servers
imagination media-video Simple DVD slideshow maker
iscan media-gfx EPSON Image Scan v3 for Linux
iso-codes app-text ISO language, territory, currency, script codes and their translations
kaffeine media-video Media player with digital TV support by KDE
kcoloredit media-gfx Tool for editing color palettes
kdbg dev-util Graphical debugger interface
kdevelop dev-util Integrated Development Environment, supporting KF5/Qt, C/C++ and much more
kdevelop-php dev-util PHP plugin for KDevelop
kdevelop-python dev-util Python plugin for KDevelop
kdiff3 kde-misc Frontend to diff3 based on KDE Frameworks
kgraphviewer media-gfx Graphviz dot graph file viewer
kicad sci-electronics Electronic Schematic and PCB design tools
kid3 media-sound Simple tag editor based on Qt
kimtoy kde-misc Input method frontend for Plasma

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