Add JPEG image support
Name Category Description
dlib sci-libs Numerical and networking C++ library
dvgrab media-video Digital Video (DV) grabber for GNU/Linux
efl dev-libs Enlightenment Foundation Libraries all-in-one package
emacs app-editors The extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor
eog media-gfx The Eye of GNOME image viewer
eom media-gfx The MATE image viewer
exact-image media-gfx A fast, modern and generic image processing library
ffmpegthumbnailer media-video Lightweight video thumbnailer that can be used by file managers
fim media-gfx Fbi-IMproved is a framebuffer image viewer based on Fbi and inspired from Vim
flightgear games-simulation Open Source Flight Simulator
fltk x11-libs C++ user interface toolkit for X and OpenGL
fontforge media-gfx postscript font editor and converter
fox x11-libs C++ Toolkit for developing Graphical User Interfaces easily and effectively
freeimage media-libs Image library supporting many formats
freeimage media-libs Image library supporting many formats
freerdp net-misc Free implementation of the Remote Desktop Protocol
fuse-utils app-emulation Utils for the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator by Philip Kendall
gd media-libs Graphics library for fast image creation
GD dev-perl Interface to Thomas Boutell's gd library
gdal sci-libs Translator library for raster geospatial data formats (includes OGR support)

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