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Name Category Description
ascii-progress dev-haskell A simple progress bar for the console
asn1-data dev-haskell ASN1 data reader and writer in RAW, BER and DER forms
asn1-encoding dev-haskell ASN1 data reader and writer in RAW, BER and DER forms
asn1-parse dev-haskell Simple monadic parser for ASN1 stream types
asn1-types dev-haskell ASN.1 types
async dev-haskell Run IO operations asynchronously and wait for their results
atomic-primops dev-haskell A safe approach to CAS and other atomic ops in Haskell
attoparsec dev-haskell Fast combinator parsing for bytestrings and text
attoparsec-conduit dev-haskell Consume attoparsec parsers via conduit. (deprecated)
attoparsec-enumerator dev-haskell Pass input from an enumerator to an Attoparsec parser
authenticate dev-haskell Authentication methods for Haskell web applications
auto-update dev-haskell Efficiently run periodic, on-demand actions
aws dev-haskell Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Haskell
base16-bytestring dev-haskell Fast base16 (hex) encoding and decoding for ByteStrings
base64-bytestring dev-haskell Fast base64 encoding and decoding for ByteStrings
base-compat dev-haskell A compatibility layer for base
base-orphans dev-haskell Backwards-compatible orphan instances for base
base-prelude dev-haskell The most complete prelude formed solely from the "base" package
base-unicode-symbols dev-haskell Unicode alternatives for common functions and operators
basic-prelude dev-haskell An enhanced core prelude; a common foundation for alternate preludes

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