Enable FAM (File Alteration Monitor) support
Name Category Description
0ad games-strategy A free, real-time strategy game
apachetop app-admin A realtime Apache log analyzer
cone mail-client CONE: COnsole News reader and Emailer
courier mail-mta An MTA designed specifically for maildirs
courier-imap net-mail An IMAP daemon designed specifically for maildirs
emelfm2 app-misc A file manager that implements the popular two-pane design
gentoo app-misc Graphical file manager for Unix-like systems, using GTK+
glib dev-libs The GLib library of C routines
gnome-vfs gnome-base Gnome Virtual Filesystem
gnubiff net-mail A mail notification program
kcoreaddons kde-frameworks Framework for solving common problems such as caching, randomisation, and more
lighttpd www-servers Lightweight high-performance web server
maildrop mail-filter Mail delivery agent/filter
maven-poke media-video Matrox utility to read and set maven registers (tune tvout)
mu-cite app-emacs Message citation utilities for emacsen
omake dev-util Make replacement
recoll app-misc A personal full text search package
samba net-fs Samba Suite Version 4
snd media-sound Snd is a sound editor
workerpool dev-python Module for distributing jobs to a pool of worker threads

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