ELIBC setting for systems that use the FreeBSD C library
Name Category Description
aws-sdk dev-ruby Official SDK for Amazon Web Services
aws-sdk-core dev-ruby Official SDK for Amazon Web Services
aws-sdk-resources dev-ruby Official SDK for Amazon Web Services
aws-sigv4 dev-ruby Amazon Web Services Signature Version 4 signing library
axiom-types dev-ruby Define types with optional constraints for use within axiom and other libraries
backports dev-ruby Backports of Ruby features for older Ruby
backport-util-concurrent dev-java A portability wrapper for java.util.concurrent API (jsr166) 6.0
bacon dev-ruby Small RSpec clone weighing less than 350 LoC
barby dev-ruby Ruby barcode generator that doesn't rely on 3rd party libraries
base32 dev-ruby A library which provides base32 decoding and encoding
batik dev-java Java based SVG toolkit
bazel dev-util Fast and correct automated build system
bcat dev-ruby Pipe to browser utility for use at the shell and within editors
bcel dev-java The Byte Code Engineering Library: analyze, create, manipulate Java class files
bcmail dev-java Java cryptography APIs
bcpg dev-java Java cryptography APIs
bcpkix dev-java Java cryptography APIs
bcprov dev-java Java cryptography APIs
bcrypt_pbkdf dev-ruby Implements bcrypt_pdkfd (a variant of PBKDF2 with bcrypt-based PRF)
bcrypt-ruby dev-ruby An easy way to keep your users' passwords secure

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