Support DjVu, a PDF-like document format esp. suited for scanned documents
Name Category Description
apvlv app-text Alf's PDF Viewer Like Vim
atril app-text Atril document viewer for MATE
evince app-text Simple document viewer for GNOME
fim media-gfx Fbi-IMproved is a framebuffer image viewer based on Fbi and inspired from Vim
ghostscript-gpl app-text Interpreter for the PostScript language and PDF
imagemagick media-gfx A collection of tools and libraries for many image formats
okular kde-apps Universal document viewer based on KDE Frameworks
qpdfview app-text A tabbed document viewer
recoll app-misc Personal full text search package
tea app-editors Small, lightweight Qt text editor
WordNet-QueryData dev-perl Direct perl interface to WordNet database
zathura-meta app-text Meta package for app-text/zathura plugins

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