Copy files from the CD rather than asking the user to copy them, mostly used with games
Name Category Description
darkplaces games-fps Enhanced engine for iD Software's Quake 1
darwinia games-strategy The hyped indie game of the year - by the Uplink creators
descent1-data games-action Data files for Descent 1
descent2-data games-action Data files for Descent 2
duke3d-data games-fps Duke Nukem 3D (Atomic Edition) data files
eduke32 games-fps An open source engine port of the classic PC first person shooter Duke Nukem 3D
etqw-bin games-fps Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
ezquake-bin games-fps Quakeworld client with mqwcl functionality and many more features
industri games-fps Quake/Tenebrae based, single player game
ja2-stracciatella games-strategy An improved, cross-platform, stable Jagged Alliance 2 runtime
openmw games-engines Open source reimplementation of TES III: Morrowind
quake2-icculus games-fps The Linux port of iD's Quake 2 engine
quakeforge games-fps 3D engine based on id Software's Quake and QuakeWorld game engines
qudos games-fps Enhanced Quake 2 engine
settlers-2-gold-data games-strategy Data files for The Settlers II: Gold Edition

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