Name Category Description
aseprite dev-games Animated sprite editor & pixel art tool
beathazardultra games-action Intense music-driven arcade shooter powered by your music
dungeon-defenders games-rpg A hybrid of two hot genres: Tower Defense and cooperative online Action-RPG
FTL games-roguelike Faster Than Light: A spaceship simulation real-time roguelike-like game
hotline-miami games-action High-octane action game overflowing with raw brutality
little-inferno games-misc Throw your toys into your fire, and play with them as they burn
nightsky games-puzzle Puzzle game that puts you inside and ambient and mysterious universe
solar2 games-action An open-world, sandbox game set in an infinite abstract universe
swordandsworcery games-action An exploratory action adventure game with an emphasis on audiovisual style
tiny-and-big games-puzzle Combines elements of adventure, jump&run and physical puzzles
to-the-moon games-rpg Two doctors traversing the memories of a dying man to fulfill his last wish
world-of-goo-gog games-puzzle A puzzle game with a strong emphasis on physics (GOG edition)
world-of-goo-hb games-puzzle A puzzle game with a strong emphasis on physics (Humble Bundle edition)

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