Add avahi/Zeroconf support
Name Category Description
anyremote app-mobilephone Bluetooth, infrared or cable remote control service
Class-Std-Fast dev-perl Faster but less secure than Class::Std
cups net-print The Common Unix Printing System
cups-filters net-print Cups filters
distcc sys-devel Distribute compilation of C code across several machines on a network
efl dev-libs Enlightenment Foundation Libraries all-in-one package
epiphany www-client GNOME webbrowser based on Webkit
freedict-fra-eng app-dicts Freedict for language translation from French to English
gajim net-im Jabber client written in PyGTK
gkrellm-vaiobright x11-plugins Superslim VAIO LCD Brightness Control Plugin for Gkrellm
gnome-disk-utility sys-apps Disk Utility for GNOME using udisks
gnome-vfs gnome-base Gnome Virtual Filesystem
gvfs gnome-base Virtual filesystem implementation for GIO
httpd-shed dev-haskell A simple web-server with an interact style API
ikiwiki www-apps A wiki compiler
knem sys-cluster High-Performance Intra-Node MPI Communication
kodi media-tv A free and open source media-player and entertainment hub
libiio net-libs Library for interfacing with IIO devices
libvirt app-emulation C toolkit to manipulate virtual machines
minidlna net-misc DLNA/UPnP-AV compliant media server

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