Calculate Utilities 3.6.0 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy about 3 years ago

  • Aupartitioning detection added in cl-install, depending on the specified command line options
  • The network configuration procedure was modified:
    • Current network configuration can be copied to the new system at installation time, including the bridge settings, the bond settings, etc.
    • Network configuration is only modifed if booting from a LiveCD or running cl-setup-network
  • Network configuration now runs correctly at the first system start (no NetworkManager running instead of OpenRC)
  • Update index problem fixed for build-up time
  • The USE flag for mergepkg functions now handled correctly
  • uvesafb replaced with vesafb and the EFI framebuffer
  • GUI client Qt5-powered now
  • The modified package detection problem at recompilation time was fixed
  • No more error when copying user accounts to the newly installed system
  • Notebook detection fixed
  • Keyboard switch added
  • Videocard configuration at the first start fixed
  • Possibility to allocate whole disk space to the root partition when autopartitioning


Thank you!