Calculate Utilities released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy over 4 years ago

Calculate Utilities

  • File attributes handled correctly by templates
  • grub.d privileges will not be reset arbitrarily
  • File capabilities for LXC containers can be saved and restored
  • Network interfaces can be again renamed and saved correctly
  • Password configuration fixed for Grub
  • IO Scheduler option removed
  • Network configuration inside containers fixed
  • /var/db/pkg checked for integrity in building distributions
  • USE flag checkup added for the 'merge()' function
  • Updates will stay current for 10 days
  • Cl-core can now start via DBus
  • Access problem fixed, when using third-party repos


  • Kernel start fixed (all warnings and errors are handled OK)
  • Swap mount fixed
  • lxc-desktop and host-desktop support some configuration now


Thank you!