Calculate Utilities 3.5.7 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy about 5 years ago

  • SoftRAID volumes can be used for autopartitioning now
  • Encrypted profiles supported (git+ssh://)
  • To allow to build binaries with different USE flags more efficiently and with less time spent on calculation of dependencies, binaries are supported now on build-aimed Calculate flavours
  • Packages with a modified BUILDTIME value can be rebuilt with the new '--rebuilt-binaries' option
  • A new 'world' format, as well as a new 'world()' function were added for generation of the world file, containing the installed packages
  • QEMU volumes detected
  • Updates prompted at shorter intervals to optimize the GUI Calculate Console system load
  • "%" and "@" symbols admitted inside template functions
  • Variable values can be set and reset correctly with Calculate Utilities
  • System installation with no user created fixed
  • Detection of repos with hyphens fixed (to install no-name packages)
  • Emerge launch fixed for Calculate Utilities
  • Domain volumes detection fixed (cifs with vers=1.0)


Thank you!