Calculate Utilities released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy over 4 years ago

  • PXE installation fixed.
  • Wrong ini.env format fixed.
  • Update checkup fixed.
  • No more loading problems for Packages on source-built systems.
  • System profile switching fixed.
  • Repo synchronization via layman-2.4 fixed.
  • @preserved-rebuild now runs correctly.
  • cl-update --sync-only is called correctly now (after a Perl update).
  • The 'profile' function was added to identify the user profile status.
  • wallpaper() function reworked.
  • The 'backgrounds' format was added for creating wallpaper images.
  • /etc/skel files moved to the user profile during configuration.
  • layman cache now updated at cl-builder-update runtime.
  • Autopartition, the default for LiveCD installations.
  • No bios_boot partition created when autopartitioning with UEFI.
  • System proxy disabled when fetching binhost files.


Thank you!