Calculate Utilities 3.5.0 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy over 2 years ago


  • Tools were added for configuration of LDAP and Unix accounts to be stored in LDAP
  • cl-backup and cl-backup-restore utilities added
  • Users can access console functions directly, by running cl-console. Note that most Calculate utilities are now stored in /usr/bin instead of /usr/sbin
  • One session for cl-console and cl-console-gui
  • Current configuration files previously stored in /etc/calculate were moved to /var/lib/calculate. /etc/calculate is now used for migration at installation time

Server tools

  • LDAP configuration
    • possibility to change the BaseDN
    • service password regeneration
    • remove a service and reconfigure the system
    • configs integrated with templates 3.5
  • Accounts server configuration
    • current system setup for authentication via LDAP server
    • service password regeneration
    • remove a service and reconfigure the system
    • add or remove a user account
    • add or remove a group
    • reconfigure users and groups
    • multiple group and user modifications available: add, remove, replace the list
    • rename a group
    • user or group info displayed
    • flexible group and user filtration scheme
    • field selection for group and user viewing
    • group and user management fully supported via a GUI interface as well as from the command line
Backup tools
  • cl-backup
    • backup of configuration files created by Calculate templates
    • custom configuration backup
    • LDAP server backup
  • cl-backup-restore
    • restore only files containing differences
    • diffs in comments to restored files headers
    • restore configurations of out-of-box packages
    • restore configuration checksums
    • restore permissions to restored files
    • restore network configuration
    • restore autorun services
    • restore user accounts
    • restart services whenever server parameters have been restored


  • Main changes
    • Multiple ini.env files can be processed
    • Template variables, functions, and conditions were optimized
      • Faster processing due to variable substitution at conditions and values calculation time
      • Variables can be used, that get a space as a template option value (such as in chown=#-ur_login-#:#-ur_group-#)
      • module() added to check for the module (the CU version will be returned if the module is included, or else nothing)
      • Indefinite variables can be used in the non-executable part of a conditional block (problem fixed)
    • "OR" processed in conditional blocks (#!keyword#)
    • Better audio configuration (both your sound card and your hardware can be setup)
    • ldif format supported
  • Functions
    • ls() added to list the files from a directory
    • mergepkg() added, that combines both merge() and pkg() functionality
    • exists() remplaced "1", to return the filetype character code
    • UUID generation with rnd() modified
    • Values returned by wallpaper() were modified
    • cut() added to return a line fragment
    • Localization problem fixed when calling print(), warning() and error() functions
  • Conditions
    • In condition blocks, it is possible to check if the version number belongs to the interval (x<=y,z)
    • Embedded conditions supported
  • Options
    • link=<path> added, to copy directories with templates
    • restart=<service>, start=<service>, stop=<service> added for templates, to start or stop services
    • "protected" works OK with "mirror" now
    • Template processing with "append=after" fixed
  • Miscellaneous
    • ._cfg configuration files now update correctly with the "--force" option
    • More efficient checkup for checksum CONTENTS files
    • Command-line table indentation fixed
    • Short options will be processes differently. "-soff" will not be interpreted sponaneously as "-s -o -f -f"
    • Update availability is provided for by /var/lib/calculate/calculate-update/updates.available
    • The cl_pass_file variable now stores the template name
    • A new variable was added, to store the current kernel version
    • cl-passwd removed


  • Better support of the system color scheme
  • Updated appearances, including new own icons
  • Some modifications for the update icon sitting in system tray


Thank you!