Calculate Utilities 3.4.6 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy about 3 years ago

Main Changes

  • Croatian localization added.
  • Fixed Live USB videocard setup.
  • If applicable, setup problems with the encrypted home directory were solved.


  • Proprietary video driver fixed at bootup time.
  • Fixed user configuration at installation time.
  • First boot setup now runs correctly.
  • AMDGPU support added.


  • Faster access to the overlays.
  • A new algorithm for mirror selection.
  • Optimized mirror selection.
  • The repo history can now be cleared at any time.
  • The testing branch was made available.
  • Search on the update server is now logged.
  • The update server URL is shown.
  • Unpacking and fetching issue solved.
  • The Portage repo was renamed to Gentoo and chosed

Build Features

  • The installation script is prepared correctly for the proprietary drivers
  • DIGESTS files will not be created.


Thank you!