Calculate Utilities 3.4.5 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy over 3 years ago


  • The code was completely rewritten.
  • Calling cl-console from the French locale fixed.
  • Process breaks fixed.
  • Partial Ukrainian localization
  • Json format supported in templates.
  • Templates now handling binary files as they should.
  • Templates execution fixed for VFAT filesystem.
  • Option choice is now correct.
  • Variables were added for types of the running system.
  • New locales added.
  • Files in the /etc/env.d directory are edited correctly by templates (env-update being launched automatically).
  • Locale switch fixed on the LiveCD.


  • The cl-install-flash command was added for an even simpler USB Flash installation.
  • The "--type" option is no more available in cl-install.
  • You can install CL on your USB drive without previously formatting the media.
  • If the USB drive is already mounted, direct installation is possible.
  • If booting from a Live USB image, the USB volume will be mounted with write privileges.
  • Auto-partition parameters were modified. The available options now are: "swap" - create a swap partition (default), "update" - create a partition for update from the ISO image (default), "calculate" - create a mount point in /var/calculate, containing user directories and configuration (default), "uefi" - use the UEFI bootloader (turned on if needed), "lvm" - use LVM.


  • SDDM (Simple Desktop Display Manager) support added.
  • KDE5 avatars now supported.

GUI manager

  • Can be launched in a KDE5 environment.
  • Miscellaneous graphics fixes.

Build your own system

  • Flash multiboot images were moved from /iso to /linux.
  • Multiple fixes of problems with system image preparing, restore, update and packing.
  • New update modalities for the Flash menu, using the cl-update-boot-live command.
  • Configuration now possible for HDD Live.
  • ISO creation fixed for boot-up USB drive.
  • New layout of available images for Flash and HDD Live.


Thank you!