Calculate Utilities 3.4.0 released

Added by Alexander Tratsevskiy over 3 years ago


  • You do not have to boot into Builder mode to build a LiveCD CL system.
  • Multiboot Flash drives are supported.
  • gfxboot support added.
  • A new format was added for profile inheritance.
  • Dutch language is now supported.
  • The wallpaper size determined correctly for your screen resolution.


  • Proprietary drivers install faster, as all dependencies are now fetched from binaries.


  • Tags will be used from now on for repo synchronization.
  • Automatic detection added for the update server.
  • cl-update running correctly in tmux.

GUI manager

  • The no-certificate problem fixed for application launching.
  • Action icons fixed.
  • Tables output fixed.

Build your own system

  • We provide support for:
    • data preparation for building from Calculate ISO images;
    • switching between build profiles;
    • package update within builds;
    • packing to ISO images;
    • basic build data rescue after reboot.
  • Builder mode is not and will not be used.
  • You need to compile your kernel with overlayfs support if you want to build
    in layers.


Thank you!