1.10 Where to go from here?


Congratulations! You now have a running Calculate Linux OS and you are probably asking yourself what you can do next. What are the featured options? What are the things you should get to know first? Calculate offers a wide range of possibilities, providing for many well (or yet not so well, we are ashamed to say so) documented features.

You should most certainly read the next section, which focuses on working with Calculate. It explains how to update your system and install additional software. It contains a FAQ and lists many useful commands.

Calculate uses Portage to manage software. Any package listed in the Portage tree can therefore be compiled with custom options. Of course, it would be better if you understood how it works: you will find all the information you need in the Working with Portage section, including on how to deal with USE flags, environment variables and ebuilds. It is mostly based on the original Gentoo documentation but was adapted to Calculate where we felt appropriate to do so.

Once you are familiar with the basic features, you may want to know more about Calculate Utilities. Have a look at the Calculate Utilities section to learn more. It will show you how to configure your system by creating your own templates.

The full list of reference pages is available on the documentation page.

Calculate resources

We are always happy to see you on Calculate forums, as well as on our IRC channel.

We also offer several mailing lists open for all Calculate users. The subscribing procedure is described on the same page.

Calculate social networking

You can easily share with other Calculate users. We are on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you!