qlop - emerge log analyzer


qlop <opts> <pkgname>


Options: -[gtHluscf:vqChV]

-g, --gauge

* Gauge number of times a package has been merged

-t, --time

* Calculate merge time for a specific package

-H, --human

* Print seconds in human readable format (needs -t)

-l, --list

* Show merge history

-u, --unlist

* Show unmerge history

-s, --sync

* Show sync history

-c, --current

* Show current emerging packages

-f, --logfile

<arg> * Read emerge logfile instead of /var/log/emerge.log

-v, --verbose

* Make a lot of noise

-q, --quiet

* Tighter output; suppress warnings

-C, --nocolor

* Don't output color

-h, --help

* Print this help and exit

-V, --version

* Print version and exit

$Id: qlop.1,v 1.20 2007/05/11 08:25:06 solar Exp $

May 2007

Thank you!