qlist - list files owned by pkgname


qlist <opts> <pkgname>


Options: -[ISULDeadosvqChV]

-I, --installed

* Just show installed packages

-S, --slots

* Display installed packages with slots

-L, --separator

* Display : as the slot separator

-U, --umap

* Display installed packages with flags used

-D, --dups

* Only show package dups

-e, --exact

* Exact match (only CAT/PN or PN without PV)

-a, --all

* Show every installed package

-d, --dir

* Only show directories

-o, --obj

* Only show objects

-s, --sym

* Only show symlinks

-v, --verbose

* Make a lot of noise

-q, --quiet

* Tighter output; suppress warnings

-C, --nocolor

* Don't output color

-h, --help

* Print this help and exit

-V, --version

* Print version and exit

$Id: qlist.1,v 1.24 2007/09/08 06:31:48 solar Exp $

September 2007

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