After the successful development and subsequent implementation of a specialized version of Linux at Calculate, we decided to open source development. This site was created on June 6, 2007, when the first version of Calculate Linux, numbered 7.6, was made public. The numbering relates to the year and month of release. Calculate Linux was initially distributed as a Stage4 archive and installed by the Calculate utility. Until the end of 2009 the distribution was released every month.


Version 8.2 and later became available as a bootable liveCD. All additional applications have been moved to Calculate overlay, thus ensuring full compatibility with Gentoo.


In version 9.0, we implemented a client-server solution for rapid deployment in a corporate environment, with support for centralized authentication with the storage of user accounts on the server. To configure the server version, Calculate utilities were rewritten. Accounts for services such as samba, ftp, mail, jabber, proxy, dns and dhcp migrated to LDAP. Our distribution ranked among the top hundred on DistroWatch. There was the first publication on us in Dator Magazine.


Starting with version 10.0 distribution profiles are created in the overlay, allowing to control update with changes in package dependencies. Since 10.9, the distribution has been using the new setup tool, cl-install, which is part of the rewritten Calculate utilities. A graphical installer was written, too.


In version 11.0 a repository of binary packages came, containing the basic applications for Calculate Linux Desktop (KDE, GNOME and XFCE) and Calculate Directory Server.

Thank you!