4.8 CL-Update-Profile


The cl-update-profile tool was created as a user-friendly way to switch between repositories and system profiles.

The complete syntax for this tool is as follows:

cl-update-profile [--url CL_UPDATE_PROFILE_REP] [--branch CL_UPDATE_PROFILE_BRANCH] [-s [ON/OFF]] [-f] [PROFILE]


If you want to fetch packages from another repository, execute:


Use the following syntax to specify a repository (either with the profile name or with the list option):

cl-update-profile --url=git://git.calculate.ru/calculate/distros.git list

This command will list all profiles contained in the specified repo:

Profils système disponibles :
  [CLD]   distros:CLD/amd64
  [CLDX]  distros:CLDX/amd64
  [CLS]   distros:CLS/amd64
  [CMC]   distros:CMC/amd64
  [CDS]   distros:CDS/amd64
  [CSS]   distros:CSS/amd64

You may switch to a profile by simply adding its name at the end of your command:

cl-update-profile --url=git://git.calculate.ru/calculate/distros.git distros:CLDX/amd64

Here is the output:

 * Repository name: distros
 * Repository branch: master
 * System profile: distros:CLDX/amd64
 * Distribution name: Calculate Linux Desktop 14 XFCE
 * Used repositories: 
|Name      |URL                                         |
|distros  |git://git.calculate.ru/calculate/distros.git|
|portage  |git://git.calculate.ru/calculate/portage.git|

Run process? (Yes/No): yes
Repositories synchronization
 * Syncing the Distros repository ...                                [ ok ]
 * Syncinc the Calculate repository ...                              [ ok ]
 * Syncing the Portage repository ...                                [ ok ]
 * Synchronization finished
Setting up the profile
 * Switching to profile CLDX ...                                     [ ok ]
 * The profile was successfully updated

The short format is supported for the SCM services such as GitHub and Bitbucket. Here is an example of how to use it in order to add a non-official overlay:

cl-update-profile --url=github:lautre76 list

Add the following to switch to a specific branch:


To tell the system if the repositories should be synchronized or not:

-s [ON/OFF], --sync [ON/OFF]

To run the tool silently:

-f, --force
Thank you!